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Apple Daily is dedicated to delivering detailed coverage in technology, global news, and entertainment. Founded to offer insightful and inspiring content, we aim to make every user’s visit enlightening.

our story

Our Story

Apple Daily began as a small initiative with a big goal: to create a platform where content sparks inspiration. Growing from a handful of dedicated individuals, we now cover a wide range of topics, striving to connect readers with the world around them through unique and engaging stories.



We specialize in the latest technological developments, global news, and entertainment, offering quality and authentic narratives. Apple Daily is recognized for blending these areas into engaging content that informs and inspires.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of writers such as Micah McKay, Srdjan Ilic, and Pantelic Natasa, alongside tech enthusiasts, gamers, and entertainment aficionados, each contributing their unique perspective and expertise. This diversity ensures our content is varied, engaging, and relevant.


First-Hand Experiences

We provide in-depth analyses, behind-the-scenes insights, and firsthand accounts of technological innovations, global events, and entertainment, aiming to offer more than just information—to immerse our readers in each story.

Our Values and Mission

Our Values and Mission

Our mission is to inform, entertain, and inspire, guided by values of integrity, diversity, and innovation. We believe in the power of storytelling to connect people and drive change.

Building Trust

Building Trust

We prioritize trust through transparency, accuracy, and ethical reporting. Our editorial process ensures high standards of quality and reliability, making us a trusted source for our readers.

Committed to Growth

Committed to Growth

Responsive to our readers' feedback and interests, we continually update our content to stay current with trends and insights. Join us in our journey of exploration and inspiration.

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Apple Daily is your go-to place for understanding and being inspired by the world. Our mix of insightful articles, engaging stories, and detailed analyses positions us as a preferred source for those eager to explore and understand.

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We invite you to explore the world with Apple Daily. Stay informed, be entertained, and discover the extraordinary in the everyday with us.

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