Alice Evans Claims Ex Ioan Gruffudd’s Lavish Spending Leaves Her Unable to Feed Their Kids, Forced onto Food Stamps

Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd

Actress Alice Evans’ messy split from her actor ex Ioan Gruffudd has taken another shocking turn. Today, she accused her former spouse of not paying any child support since May, claiming she’s now in such dire financial straits that she can’t even afford to “put food on the table” and may have to go on food stamps.

In legal documents filed by Evans’ lawyers on July 1, which obtained, the 55-year-old mother of two states that she has “100 percent” custody of their daughters, Ella, 14, and Elsie, 10. However, she says she hasn’t received any financial support from Gruffudd since their custody agreement was settled two months ago.

Evans claims she’s struggling to feed her children, while her ex-husband, 50, is “jetting around the world” and living a “lavish lifestyle.” She alleges that Gruffudd, who is currently engaged to Bianca Wallace, has bought new Rolex watches for himself and his fiancée and has been on a global press tour for the latest Bad Boys film, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” while she’s about to go on food stamps.


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Evans references “stories in the media” indicating that her ex purchased an expensive engagement ring for Wallace and alleges they recently bought new Rolex watches. While Gruffudd and Wallace’s Instagram accounts have been made private, a May 2024 post by Wallace showed her wearing a green Rolex watch, which Evans mentions in the court documents.

Due to her ex’s “lavish lifestyle,” Evans is asking the court to require Gruffudd to pay spousal and child support until their financial trial, which has been delayed from April to August. Her lawyer states that Evans is applying for public assistance because she cannot support herself and their children without guideline spousal support from Gruffudd, who has a greater ability to earn income.

Evans’ lawyer, Janina Verano, also claims that Gruffudd hasn’t seen the children outside of reunification therapy since May 2023 and hasn’t used his court-ordered right to call them three times a week. Evans adds that the children are confused about when or if they will see their father.

Evans disagrees with Gruffudd’s request to seal their legal proceedings, accusing him of being disingenuous. She highlights that he didn’t seek to seal any of the domestic violence or custody pleadings where he accused her of abusing the children but only wanted to seal the resolved allegations.

Alice Evans Plans to Apply for Food Stamps

So far, the only payments agreed upon are $3,000 a month in interim child support. Gruffudd also paid $7,000 a month in spousal support from December 2023 to April 2024. The financial trial was initially set for April 2024 but has been delayed to August. Meanwhile, Evans says she’s incurred $112,000 in legal fees and is in dire financial straits.

She states that she currently makes around $300 a month in royalties and hopes to earn more by appearing at fan conventions. Evans mentions she has drained all her personal savings to pay her attorneys and is behind on rent and utility payments, relying on friends for groceries. She plans to apply for food stamps and welfare.

Evans claims Gruffudd earns tens of thousands of dollars a month and received approximately $390,000 from the sale of their home in December 2023. She asserts that per their prenup, she is entitled to 20 percent of his earnings but calls the agreement “vague and ambiguous.”

She is asking the court to cover her attorney fees, alleging that Gruffudd has been paying two law firms and a forensic accountant. In February 2022, Gruffudd obtained a restraining order against Evans after she posted numerous messages about him and Wallace on social media and allegedly sent him over 100 texts. The order was extended for three years in August 2022, forbidding Evans from posting about Gruffudd or Wallace.

Last June, their elder daughter Ella, then 13, applied for a restraining order against Gruffudd after a custody visit ended in chaos. She claimed Wallace slammed a door against her head, and she was afraid of her father, who threatened to call the police on her during visits. Ella later dropped the restraining order request in court.

In August last year, a judge agreed to Gruffudd’s request for a child psychiatrist and weekly reunification therapy sessions for Evans and the children. Evans argued it was unnecessary, as Gruffudd hadn’t seen or called his daughters in three months.

The couple married in Mexico in 2007 after meeting on the set of the Disney film “102 Dalmatians.”

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