10 Best Instagram-Worthy Spas in The World 

10 Best Instagram-Worthy Spas in The World 

Have you ever dreamed of a place where luxury meets nature in perfect harmony? Where around every bend there’s a new delight waitin’ – soothin’ scents, stunnin’ sights, or a feelin’ of pure calm.

Well daydream no more, because these special spots make it a reality. I’m talkin’ about resorts tucked into the finest landscapes on Earth – mountains, cities by the water, and tropical beaches so serene you’ll feel like you entered a whole new world.

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Now I will introduce you to some of the best spots where you can relax, have a great time, and, of course, save a lot of memories that you will share for months after returning home.

1. SHA, Spain

SHA, Spain

SHA Clinic is located right on the beautiful Mediterranean coastline, providing a super serene environment where medical science and ancient healing methods work together in perfect harmony. Guests get a custom mix of top-notch doctor services along with time-honored practices like genetic testing and energy work.

A typical visit involves meeting one-on-one with specialized experts from all different fields – including heart doctors and physical wellness pros – all aiming to enhance your well-being in a holistic way. The end goal is a renewal of both body and spirit through this integrated approach.

2. LeCrans Hotel & Spa, Swiss Alps

The LeCrans Hotel and Spa is a really special place located right in the Swiss Alps. It’s super close to the ski slopes in Crans Montana, so it’s perfect for people who love hitting the hills.

One of the best things about this lodge is the Le Cinq Mondes Spa. It’s like your own personal sanctuary with these amazing views of the mountains. They offer really relaxing treatments too. After skiing all day, it’s sure to soothe your muscles and mind.

All the rooms at LeCrans are top-notch. Even better, each one comes with its own hot tub.

3. Aro-Ha, New Zealand

Aro-Ha, New Zealand

Aro-Ha in New Zealand is a wellness retreat near Queenstown. The retreat helps you recharge with solo and group activities that balance your mind and body.

After a day of hiking and mindfulness, you can unwind in your room’s hot tub.

Aro-Ha combines luxury with health, giving guests a place to disconnect, heal, and share amazing moments on Instagram. However, poor internet connectivity in the area sometimes prevents guests from posting in real time.

4. Amani Spa at Mara Bushtops Camp, Kenya

Amani Spa at Mara Bushtops Camp, Kenya

Ever dreamed of visiting Africa? Well, I’ve got the perfect spot for you – it’s called Mara Bushtops Camp! This place is located right in the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya.

They’ve got this amazing spa called Amani Spa that’s like nothing you’ve seen before. While you’re getting pampered, you can look out at all the wildlife roaming around just outside! We’re talking giraffes, elephants, lions – even leopards might stop by for a visit. How cool is that?!

The best part is the spa only uses products made from plants found in Africa. It really connects you to the nature around you. And talk about views – you can spot animals from your room too.

5. Zemi Thai House Spa, Anguilla

Zemi Thai House Spa, Anguilla

The Zemi Thai House Spa located in Anguilla offers a unique blend of Thai healing practices and modern treatments, set within a 300-year-old Thai house transported and reconstructed on the island. Guests can experience these services alongside one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Shoal Bay East.

The spa provides an opportunity to learn about ancient Thai culture through its traditional healing techniques. However, it also incorporates modern treatments for additional relaxation and pampering.

6. Spa Metropole by Givenchy, Monte-Carlo

Situated within the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, this spa was Givenchy’s third worldwide and features a serene ambiance enhanced by a lush virtual garden wall that mimics movement in the breeze.

Even before treatments begin, the spa’s design aims to transport guests into a soothing natural setting. A variety of luxurious services are available to reinvigorate and relax, all within sumptuous accommodations reflecting both elegance and modern flair.

7. Aire Ancient Baths, New York City

Aire Ancient Baths, New York City

The Aire Ancient Baths Spa in New York City offers an amazing experience, transporting visitors back in time and across lands. Located downtown, it draws from Greek, Roman, and Ottoman bath traditions with water rooms, aromatic steam saunas, and massages.

Amid the busy city, Aire provides tranquil respite. Each visit journeys through relaxing ancient rituals with modern comforts. Thoughtful design enhances the sense of escape, including private rooms with hot tubs for ultimate relaxation.

8. Salish Lodge and Spa, Washington

Salish Lodge and Spa, Washington

Salish Lodge & Spa sits peacefully in Snoqualmie, Washington. It’s right by the stunning Snoqualmie Falls.

Here, the spa is all about the Pacific Northwest. They use local stuff in their treatments to make you feel part of nature there.

The rooms at the lodge are warm and welcoming. They have gas fireplaces and hot tubs. You can chill out and enjoy the greenery and sounds of the falls.

They offer lots of services to help you relax and feel fresh, just like the nature around you. The place is full of peace and inspiration. You’ll come away feeling new from this unique spot.

9. Hawanana Spa at Four Seasons Lanai, Hawaii

Hidden away, it’s an ideal spot to unwind and get your energy back. The spa uses things from Hawaii and old island ways to help you heal. You get special treatments in rooms that mix comfort with nature. Some rooms even have their own jacuzzi tubs for more chill vibes. This spa is a haven where fancy touches blend with island customs.

10. La Mamounia, Marrakech

La Mamounia, Marrakech

La Mamounia in Marrakech brings luxury to life with its spa. Set in a grand hotel, it blends Moroccan traditions like hammams and argan oil massages with today’s comforts.

The spa’s lavish decor and peaceful gardens are a treat for the eyes. It’s a hit with photographers and Instagram fans for its beauty.

Last Words

As you can see, we’ve covered places from all around the world. The impressive part is that you can actually plan a whole journey where you will create an album full of pictures of all these attractive and relaxing spots.

And one thing is certain, your Instagram followers won’t just be impressed – they’ll be downright jealous!

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