Top 8 Countries Leading the World in Software Development Outsourcing – Top Players Revealed 2024

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Outsourcing has become more popular in recent years due to modern trends and new possibilities provided by digital platforms. When someone can work remotely, it doesn’t matter where it comes from.

Also, many companies see it as a way to get experts without spending much money. The fact is that outsourcing is most popular in countries with a higher living standard. On the other hand, more people are interested in working for those same businesses when they live in a less developed area.

If you are interested in this model of hiring people, using the right platform is essential. In that matter, check out IntelliSoft. Also, here are the countries most popular for outsourcing their experts.

1. India

India A Software Development Outsourcing Leader

India is making a name for itself in the world of tech. It’s like a go-to place when you need some serious coding done without breaking the bank. Think of it as a tech talent goldmine with cities like Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi leading the charge. They’re great at what they do, working with the latest tech and still managing to keep costs reasonable.

Big names like Apple and Tesla have set up shop there too, which says a lot. You can hire a pro coder from India for about $19 to $40 an hour, which is pretty sweet considering the skills you get.

2. Ukraine

It’s like a hidden gem with around 2 million techies who are not just good with code but also pretty comfortable with English. Even with some tough times, their tech scene’s been strong, pulling in over $7 billion from overseas sales. And for what you pay, which is like $35 to $55 an hour, you’re getting some serious bang for your buck.

3. Poland

Poland - Destination for Software Development Outsourcing

Poland is becoming important in the world of software development outsourcing. It’s a great place for companies to find developers because it’s welcoming to investors and focuses on the latest programming skills.

Polish developers are good at Agile, which means they manage and finish projects well. The country also has a strong education system that prepares lots of IT graduates ready to tackle current tech problems.

Some Polish companies, like Blue Media, Articode, and Jcommerce, are known for their work in mobile apps and new tech solutions. The cost for hiring developers in Poland is usually between $50 to $99 per hour, which is a good deal for the quality you get.  Plus, Poland’s location in Europe makes it easy to work with many Western businesses because of similar work hours.

4. China

China's Role in Outsourcing Software Development

China has a huge software development industry, with more than seven million experts in areas like AI and data management. The country is quickly advancing in software and wants to be a leader in the global market.

Chinese cities provide affordable software development options, with a focus on improving the performance of software tools. The government’s support has helped the IT sector grow, attracting international businesses that want innovative yet cost-effective software services.

The average hourly rate for developers in China is between $18 to $40, which shows you can get good quality without spending too much.  With a wide range of talents and cutting-edge technology, China is a strong choice for companies looking to outsource their software development.

5. Philippines

The Philippines is gaining attention for software development outsourcing because of its good prices and strong tech culture. Every year, over 40,000 new IT and engineering experts join the workforce, skilled in Java, .NET, and API development.

A big plus is that Filipino developers are very good at English, which helps in talking to clients from around the world. The country’s tax system is also a bonus, with tax breaks that can save money for businesses.

With software developers charging about $25 to $49 per hour, the Philippines is a popular choice for firms that want top-notch software services without breaking the bank.

6. Mexico

Mexico's Role in Global Software Development Outsourcing

Mexico is quickly becoming a go-to spot for companies looking to outsource software development, especially in areas like mobile apps, data management, and complex programming.

The IT industry in Mexico is booming and is expected to see a big increase in revenue by 2027. They’ve already made a splash by earning $12.9 billion, proving they can handle big tech projects.

Mexican developers are creative, quick to pick up new tech, and offer services at a reasonable rate of $25 to $49 per hour. Thanks to Mexico’s advanced tech scene and its close relationship with the US, it’s a top choice for businesses that want great software development without the hefty price tag.

7. Romania

Romania - A Prime Hub for Software Development Outsourcing

It’s a stable place to do IT business, and it’s even been highlighted as a top outsourcing spot in the Kearney Global Services Location Index 2023. By 2025, it’s expected that Romania’s software market will be worth 9 billion euros.

The IT industry is embracing new software trends and meeting international standards. Romanian developers are skilled in using advanced technology, which looks promising for the future of software development in the country.

They usually charge between $18 to $50 per hour, depending on the project. This, along with Romania’s ability to keep up with global software trends and offer services at good prices, makes it a go-to for companies looking to outsource.

8. Vietnam

Vietnam is a great choice for companies that want to outsource their software development without spending too much. It’s cheaper to live and work there compared to many other places, which helps businesses save money.

The country has a big pool of IT professionals: about 480,000, who know a lot about software development and IT management. In the last 20 years, Vietnam’s software skills have grown. They’re quick to adopt new tech and ways of working, like Agile, cloud computing, and AI.

This means Vietnamese developers are ready for all kinds of projects. The cost for their work is usually between $18 to $40 per hour, which is a good balance of price and skill.


A well-chosen partnership can provide substantial benefits, ensuring that projects are not just completed to satisfaction but surpass anticipated outcomes. Making such a strategic decision enables businesses to adeptly handle the challenges of the digital world, promoting expansion and maintaining a competitive advantage in their fields.

As the landscape of employment shifts towards decentralized work arrangements, individuals are increasingly reliant on diverse news sources to stay informed globally, which has implications for trends in software development outsourcing among leading countries.

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