50+ Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes

Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes

Love is something no one wants to lose and should be celebrated every day. The engagement anniversary is the first step toward formalizing any relationship. Be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage, engagement anniversary is another very significant day in a couple’s life. On this day both the partners come together and take an oath to spend their rest of the life happily together.

This occasion is a mark of love, joy and happiness. Send happy engagement anniversary quotes to bring back the past memories and make your partner happy. This will reflect the love, and care you have for your partner. Check out our list of Happy Engagement Anniversary wishes and select the one that suits you.

Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes and Quotes For Husband/Wife/Sister/Brother/Bhabhi/Bhaiya

  1. Happy Engagement Anniversary! Wishing you both to have a blessed future ahead.
  2. Happy first anniversary to the First Lady of my world. I love you. 
  3. Everything will be fine, as long as you are with me. Happy engagement anniversary wishes to my future wife.
  4. Being in a relationship with someone who makes it much easier to deal with everything, and encourages another to give it all to prove to be the best partner in the world is such a blessing. Wishing a very happy anniversary to the wonderful partner!
  5. Ever since you put a ring on my finger, I feel trapped a bit. The only positive is that I am trapped in your love. Happy Anniversary my to-be-husband.
  6. Being with you is a dream come true, I am looking forward to spending my rest of life with you.
  7. Happy first engagement anniversary.
  8. You have not chosen me; you have chosen my love.
  9. Sending best wishes for your engagement anniversary! Congratulations to both of you.
  10. The celebration of our engagement anniversary will last for twenty-four hours, but the celebration of our lives together will last for the rest of our lifetime and beyond. Happy anniversary my darling. 
  11. We are not just exchanging rings with each other, we are also exchanging hopes, assurances and each other’s hearts.
  12. You are my happiness, my dear love, I just can’t wait to tie the knot with you. Best wishes for our engagement.
  13. Even experiencing thousand-year different pleasures of life will not be comparable to spending a year engaged to you spent in pure bliss. I respect our relationship and promise to be the best partner you could’ve ever asked for.
  14. Hi Boss, it has been exactly one year now since you officially became my boss for life. Well, with the beauty and brains you have, I can hardly complain. Happy engagement anniversary wishes to you, love.”
  15. The first year was like a rollercoaster, but it was an amazing experience.
  16. I feel lucky to be part of your life and now we are on the same page.
  17. Happy engagement anniversary. May God bless you both and protects the love between you two forever. Have a beautiful day!   
  18. Being engaged to the best partner in the world makes me want to be the best spouse in your world. We have been blessed with a wonderful relationship because you make it so easy, and you have been nothing but wonderful: happy first anniversary, my love. Happy Engagement Anniversary!
  19. How lucky I am, I got engaged to you. Happy wishes for our engagement and our wonderful courtship.
  20. A real relationship is built on trust and small beautiful and innocent things, despite all the arguments and flaws. Thanks for partnering for a perfect relationship with me, happy engagement  anniversary!
  21. Congratulations! Now you finally get the right to legally annoy me for the rest of your life. Pure joy!
  22. Pure and true love is all I can give you. Happy engagement to us.
  23. I promise to be your side in health and sickness.
  24. I wish you love and all happy moments on this day and for always. I thank God for giving me the best partner. Thanks for making my life better and happier. Happy Engagement Anniversary, my love.
  25. Happy Engagement Anniversary to us! May this beautiful anniversary of ours bring all the good fortune we deserve.
  26. Real relationships are a crazy ride, full of ups and downs. They are a journey, rife with tough times and bad phases. They are never perfect. But despite all the flaws, fights and arguments, real relationships stand out as one of the most beautiful, amazing, and innocent things life has to offer. There’s nothing like it and never will be. Thanks for giving me mine, happy engagement anniversary. 
  27. On this auspicious day when you both are celebrating your first engagement anniversary, I pray to God to bless you both with everlasting togetherness. Happy Engagement Anniversary.
  28. Congratulations better half! I made sure the ring is really tight so it can never be taken off. Welcome to forever!
  29. All my life my heart has chosen my every decision and path. My heart even has led me to you also. Best and loving wishes on the engagement anniversary.
  30. I am lucky to see your smile every morning. Thank you for making my morning glow.
  31. No words can express the love I have for you. My life would never have been complete without you. I wish you a very happy engagement anniversary, my dear partner.
  32. I can’t believe you are still tolerating each other. Jokes apart, Happy engagement anniversary. May the love between you both only grow with time.
  33. A very happy engagement anniversary to the beautiful couple. It’s very good to see you both happy together. God bless both of you. 
  34. Happiest Engagement Anniversary wishes to my favourite human over. One down, forever to go my love.
  35. I am so fortunate that I have got to spend the rest of my lives with you. Happy wishes on completion of our engagement. Happy first anniversary
  36. Wishing many more years of love and laughter to my most favourite couple ever. Happy engagement anniversary.
  37. Through this card, we wish you both a very happy engagement anniversary. You both make a wonderful pair. May God bless you with many more years of togetherness.
  38. I still remember how you weeped while putting the ring on my finger. That was the day I realised that my dream has come true and I have been forever grateful since then. Thank you for being a blessing babe, Happy engagement anniversary wishes to us.
  39. Happy Engagement Anniversary to the love of my life! Thank you for being the same kind, charming, and genuine person over the years. I love you!
  40. Both of you belong to each other. May the almighty keep you happy and healthy. Happy Engagement anniversary.
  41. It has been a wonderful year full of love and care for each other.
  42. Thank you for putting a ring on me. I promise to, hereon, shower you with endless love, affection and adoration all day every day without fail.
  43. Everything seems perfect, from sending you good night texts to wishing you good morning while waking up beside your side. Happy Engagement Anniversary.
  44. Having you by my side makes me the happiest, most grateful, and luckiest person in the world—happy first anniversary to my soul mate.
  45. The best thing that happened on this day a year before was our engagement. I hope that we celebrate our first anniversary with lots of fun and joyous moments. I love you, my dear husband. A very happy engagement anniversary.
  46. My love, Happy engagement anniversary. Today, years ago, it was one of the best days of my life. From then to now, every day is beautiful for me. I love you, dear.
  47. Hope my wish will add some blessing to the amazing couple. Happy Engagement anniversary.
  48. The exchange of rings, the dance party after that and the words you said to me in my ears that day are some of the many moments that I will never forget. Happy Engagement Anniversary wishes, my Love.
  49. I wish to spend an eternity while loving you, respecting you, and showing every day how much you mean to me, wish you a very happy engagement anniversary!

Engagement Anniversary QuotesHappy Engagement Anniversary Wishes

In many cases, an engagement ceremony starts with cake cutting, which becomes a wonderful memory for the bride and groom. Quotes and messages seem to be of no consequence, but they can show gestures of love, respect, and respect toward your partner. By sending happy engagement anniversary wishes, you can make loved ones smile on their anniversary day. Recently married couples have a strong bond of love and relationship within themselves, which is why we have included the best and most ardent wishes in our list of happy engagement anniversary wishes. 

You can arrange some unique cards or any gift which contains lovely happy engagement anniversary wishes. Those wishes will bring back your memories spent together. It is the best way to make your partner happy with an engagement anniversary quote. A quote, which you have not heard before, can give you such a wonderful boost. To make the engagement anniversary day memorable and shower some love on your partner, you can use these happy engagement anniversary quotes. 

Share this compiled list of best engagement anniversary wishes with the desired ones.

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