Jelly Roll Net Worth in 2024 – The Story Behind His Success


Jelly Roll’s net worth in 2024 is a whole different ballgame compared to just a few years back according to sources it is about $4 million dollars. The way he tells his story of success is pretty straightforward.

Whitsitt Chapel 2023—yep, that’s the name of his second country album—he shared, “I got baptized here about 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve been to prison, messed up a lot, hurt people, made tons of mistakes, turned it all around, and now I’m a multimillionaire trying to help as many folks as I can. It’s the craziest story—maybe ’cause I’m living it—but it’s wild.”

A lot of folks might think Jelly Roll became an overnight sensation, but that’s far from the truth.

He dropped more than a dozen mixtapes and albums before really hitting it big. Curious about Jelly Roll’s net worth and how he climbed his way up from the very bottom? Let’s start and find out.

Net Worth in 2024?

Jelly Roll's Net Worth in 2024

Jelly Roll’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $4 million according to He’s definitely got some serious cash, but thanks to his felony record, he’s dealing with way more obstacles than other artists in his tax bracket.

For example, touring overseas has been tough. He just recently managed to get a passport but still had to cancel a show in London because of his record. “The trick is when America finally says, ‘We’ll let you leave,’ the amount of countries that won’t let you come in,” according to Billboard.

Back home, it’s not all smooth sailing either. Jelly Roll tried to buy a house in a fancy community with a private golf course, only to get turned down due to his past. “Imagine changing your life so much that you can afford the kind of house in this community I was looking at,” he said. “My money was welcome, but I wasn’t, all because of something I did [almost] 24 years ago.”

His Price Per Show?

What’s the price tag for booking Jelly Roll for a gig? Well, get ready to shell out some serious cash. We’re talking anywhere from $200,000 to a whopping $749,000.

How Did He Become Famous?

How Did Jelly Roll Become Famous

Jelly Roll, born Jason DeFord, hails from Nashville. Life wasn’t easy growing up. His mom struggled with mental illness and addiction, while his dad juggled being a bookie and a meat salesman. With these influences, young DeFord started selling drugs and even threw in mix CDs with his stash.

At just 16, things took a serious turn. DeFord got arrested with some others, facing charges of aggravated robbery and marijuana possession with intent to sell. Despite being a minor, he was charged as an adult.

Reflecting on that time, he told Billboard, “I never want to overlook the fact that it was a heinous crime. This is a grown man looking back at a 16-year-old kid who made the worst decision of his life. People could have gotten hurt, but by the grace of God, no one did.”

Facing a potential 20-year sentence, DeFord ended up serving a year in prison and seven years on probation according to NY Times. Thanks to Tennessee’s strict zero-tolerance policy for violent crimes, that felony charge will stick with him forever.

“They were talking about giving me more time than I’d been alive,” he said, recalling the daunting possibility of a 20-year sentence. “I was charged as an adult long before I could even buy a beer, lease an apartment, or get a pack of cigarettes. The justice system kind of parked me on my only set path.”

After getting out of prison, DeFord turned his attention to music. He started with hip-hop, selling mixes straight out of his car. A big moment came in 2010 when he and rapper Lil Wyte dropped “Pop Another Pill,” which snagged over 6 million YouTube views, putting DeFord and his rap group SNO on the map. In 2013, his mix Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House stirred up some drama when Waffle House threatened to sue. DeFord cleverly rebranded it to Whiskey, Weed, & Women with a “Cease and Desist” sticker covering the original title.

But his true breakthrough came in 2021. That year, he performed at the Grand Ole Opry for the first time and released his country debut, Ballads of the Broken. From there, his career soared. Now, he’s one of the biggest names in country music, though his sound crosses over into rock and alternative too, proving he’s more than just a one-genre wonder.

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