How Much Should I Be Able to Leg Press – Guide for Men and Women


Exercise is important for the well being of our body. While a lot of lighter workouts can usually do a trick for an average person, some people wish to go even further with their general fitness.

That’s where gym machines come in. Each of them has a general purpose and a few exercises associated with it. One of these being leg press, which is one of the most important lower body workout machines. Let’s learn how much one should and can press with it below.

Leg press


Among the most important leg workouts at a gym, leg press is a great exercise machine that will allow us to develop our muscles. The targeted muscles with this exercise are thighs and gluteal muscles, which can be somewhat hard to hit with other equipment in the gym.

The machine comes in variations of a horizontal leg press and a 45 degree one. Both having their purposes and being able to fulfil the proper role. A leg press may look like a barbell squat exercise, it doesn’t put much strain on your core, focusing it on the lower half of the body more.

Average leg press weight

Knowing average leg press weight is important for gauging the overall weight one should work with. While the standard weights like this aren’t a hard rule on what to start with, they do help find your perfect weight faster. Some people may find it too hard to start with while others will have the average weight be too light.

The overall weight pushed will depend on the level of your fitness experience. There are people who’ve done far more exercise beforehand, making them more than ready for the challenges of the leg press. No matter whether a person is male or female, this will affect the overall way one would go about it.



When it comes to male average weight for a leg press, the applications of unique body capabilities comes into play here too. With the following, we will cover three different levels of preparation to cover more ground.

In terms of average leg press weight for beginners, we have 100 to 150 lbs of weight. This amount of weight should be enough to put strain on your legs while not overdoing the pressure we’d feel.

For those who are better trained, we suggest going with 250 to 300 lbs of weight. This extra bump should help those who’ve had experience with training like this still get a proper workout.

Those who are exceptionally prepared or have already done quite a bit of this exercise should move onto the next level of weight. Rather than bothering with any of the previous ones, this weight branch can go straight to 350 lbs. While that starting weight is jump enough, you can go up to 580 lbs if you feel like it.

Eventually, with a decent amount of prep and months of work, you may reach the last tier of weights you’ll reach. This tier goes all the way up to 800 lbs. Noted weight is exceptional to push up with your lower body and is a great mark of a great training. Having proper supplements can also help you reach that goal so visit



As with men, the weight that can be put on a leg press will depend on the overall preparation of the person. Some are obviously better equipped and more ready to do heavy exercise than others. Of course, you can always orient yourself with the following guidelines if you don’t know where to start.

An average leg press for a starting female leg press is around 80 to 120 lbs. These weights should be a first step to those who’ve never done this exercise or those who aren’t quite fit to begin with.

At the next level, you should aim to hit around 200 lbs with your workout on a leg press machine. As you may imagine, this is quite a jump from the initial one so it may take a bit of time to reach. Knowing when you are ready is as important as getting a consistent workout.

A lot of people will reach the following step after months of exercise. It may act as a significant step up in weight for most as it can go as high as 350 lbs. This tier of preparation is more than impressive, but the weight can get even more extreme.

Last step within our generally recommended tiers of weights will be 450 lbs and above. The incremental increase will allow us to reach this tier eventually. Though it will take effort, it’s worth the extra struggle for the results. While it’s possible to go even higher, keep the standard precaution of gauging your capabilities in mind.

How much should I be able to leg press?


As noted, this will depend on your overall readiness. The maximum weight you can press is different from the weight you should start with. Usually, everybody should be able to leg press at least 50% of their body weight. This goes for men and women equally.

Those who are far better physically trained should be able to leg press 1.5 or even 2 times their weight on the machine. Of course, it shouldn’t be something you push onto yourself. A well done exercise is way more important than the weight you do it with.


An overall experience and weight with a leg press will vary from person to person. Oftentimes, this will mean the weight will vary as well. However, this variability is also somewhat distinguishable between people. Making it possible to prepare yourself adequately and with correct weights.

Failing to properly establish a weight that works for you could lead to either poor workouts or too much strain on the muscles. The least recommended weight to start with is half your body weight. This much is something everybody should be able to lift. Take your overall fitness level into account too, if it’s better than average you should be able to lift far more than that, maybe going up to twice your weight even.

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