4 Ways Technology Is Transforming Our Sex Lives

4 Ways Technology Is Transforming Our Sex Lives

Most people think about entertainment and work when they hear about new technologies. But it’s a much wider area that is affecting all aspects of our lives.

One of them is our intimacy. And if you are wondering how? Well, you know about those websites. I know it’s taboo. But that’s not all.

There are advanced versions of videos specially designed for VR devices. Another thing I must mention are dolls. There are realistic human-size models available today.

Also, toys are present for a longer time, but these new models have advanced characteristics, powered by technologies as well. You can click here to check out some of the most recent models.

Now I will focus more on the ways how tech can impact our intimacy.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

As I already mentioned in the beginning, VR devices are among the biggest trends today. It brings a whole new level of videos where the viewer has a more realistic experience, almost like that person is in the same room as the actors.

This technology is advancing quite fast. New models of VR headsets are being introduced all the time, and I expect to see even more after the introduction of Apple’s Vision Pro.

Moreover, there are platforms where you can choose all sorts of things. For example, already existing videos altered for VR, live streaming, or using the device with your partner when you are separated.

The augmented reality is another part of this. It is about all sorts of devices we can use, some of them alone, some with a partner. And all of them are here to make people feel better.

I think people should be relaxed about this. If you want to get one, just do it, and have some fun.

Or stay more conservative your choice.

2. Toys

Sex Toys

Another one I already mentioned. While there have been all kinds of toys on the market for a long time, these new versions are really reaching new levels of satisfaction.

It’s not only about the tech involved in the device. There are new materials, so comfort and feeling are brought to the maximum.

And about the technology, new versions have wireless connections, sensors, and many other features. For example, a device that you can use while your partner is on another side of the world. So both of you can use it to control its functions.

There is even a kissing device available.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t be so controversial at all. Once again, I know it is a taboo, but these things could really help some people.

When someone is struggling with certain disabilities or mental challenges, such a toy can be a lifesaver.

Staying alone for a longer time can also be challenging. Well, it will be less of a struggle with this. The same goes for people who recently faced a breakup.

3. Dolls

I was speaking about real-size dolls. There are various models available that represent adults in real size, with amazing features.

Keep in mind that budget plays a big role here. For example, spending $600 or $700 is not enough for all these features, but it can still get you something interesting.

On the other side, you can buy a real-size doll for over $3,000, and this price can go over $20,000 if you are looking for some additional features like movements and voice.

And again, like I said for the toys. These things could help some people.

Unfortunately, there is a growing issue of people with mental challenges, especially when it comes to depression and anxiety. One of the side effects these can cause is lower self-esteem.

Lack of confidence often leads to an inactive intimate life, and even worse, a lack of clear self-image.

Such people often feel lonely, and even desperate. And combination with a physical disability can make things even worse.

So, what’s the solution? Well, for a person who is struggling with all these issues, buying a sex robot would really make a difference.

The most important thing is that they will bring their confidence back, feel more relaxed, and even manage to meet someone after some time.

Being shy and not able to start a conversation are the deal breakers. You just cannot meet a potential partner that way. But on the other hand, being relaxed and feeling good is a shortcut for a more active private life.

4. Dating Apps

Dating Apps

It’s not all about the devices. Digital platforms are also part of this. First of all, you can meet a lot of people on standard social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

But there are also sites focused solely on matching people interested in dating. The most popular one is Tinder.

It’s simple, convenient, and fun.

There are pros and cons of these platforms.

The pros are quite simple to understand. If you are free, using this option is a simple way of finding a date that might be sharing the same interests.

Or you can just chat with random people you never met before, or might never have in real life. So, just be relaxed and have fun.

And for the cons, well, it’s more complex. The question is – what is the real impact of these sites on people?

The main issue is about the false expectations people might get when they get used to meeting people only in a digital world.

We all tend to present ourselves in the best possible way, while things are never perfect in reality.

The point is, that using Tinder or anything else can be useful, entertaining, and whatnot, but meeting someone face-to-face simply cannot be replaced with any app or device.

The Bottom Line

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In the end, the whole point is what you are looking for, that’s all that really matters. And technology is here to widen the market and make just the right thing available for all preferences and desires.

In that matter, if you are feeling open to some of these things, just go for it. It can be fun, and it doesn’t matter if you have a partner, you can get something interesting and use together.

The point is, all these devices are here to stay, and we can only expect to see more of them, some even more advanced versions.

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