60+ Advance Birthday Wishes, Advance Happy Birthday Quotes

Advance Happy Birthday Quotes

We live in an increasingly complex world. We are all following and choosing things like a rat race. We have forgotten how to celebrate the moments, create beautiful memories with loved ones, and live life. Life gets so busy sometimes that we even forget the birthdays of our loved ones.

Wishing before the actual birthday with heartwarming advance birthday wishes not only shows how much you love and care about them, but it also creates an unbreakable bond within the loved ones. These handpicked and heart-melting Advance Happy Birthday wishes, quotes and messages can make someone’s day. Choose the wish that suits you and wish your loved ones.

Wishing someone an advance is always counted as a great gesture. This signifies that you remember your loved ones’ birthday without any facebook reminder or notification. Suppose your partner’s birthday is coming and you want to celebrate it lavishly, then start with advance birthday wishes.

Your best friend may be waiting for your wish. You may also forget their special day due to some pressure in your personal life. That’s why it is always recommended to wish early then being a late wisher. You may surprise them with some advance gifts and special advance birthday wishes. 

Before the Cake Arrives: Early Birthday Wishes Overflowing with Love

Before the Cake Arrives Wishes

  1. Your birthday may not be today, still sending tons of happiness your way.
  2. Happy Birthday in advance! Wishing you infinite joy and love ahead!
  3. Even though your birthday is months away, I have already started feeling vibes of your birthday. Lovely advance happy birthday wishes dear!
  4. I Just want to wish you happy birthday in advanced so that I will not be able to forget your birth date, Happy birthday in advance
  5. I won’t be able to add stars to your birthday celebration. That’s why I am sending the best birthday wishes in advance to my loveliest niece. May your future turn out to be as bright as the sun.
  6. I may not be attending for your birthday, but I want you to remember all the memories we have spent together.
  7. I always come first in everything so how can I forget to wish for a special person like you. Happy birthday in advance dear.
  8. I Just want to wish you a happy birthday in advance so that I will not be able to forget your birth date, Happy birthday in advance.
  9. Here are tons of hugs and kisses for your birthday, even before it’s here.
  10. Sending you an advance Happy Birthday wish with lots of love and best wishes.
  11. It’s so sad that I will miss your 18th birthday but All my love and blessings will be with you till eternity. I know one greeting is not sufficient enough, anyways happy early birthday!
  12. I know I forget your birthday all the time, but this time I am ready with my weapon called Advanced happy birthday, 😀
  13. As you know that I crave to do something super-special and unforgettable, I am sending the cutest happy birthday wishes to you wrapped in unconditional love and bliss. Happy birthday in advance dear!
  14. Your birthday is still days ahead of us, but I am already celebrating it.Advance Birthday Wishes
  15. Hello dear, hope you are fine and doing great with your life. I can’t hold onto the excitement of your special day. So, I am wishing you a very happy birthday in advance.
  16. You will be happy to know that I am the first who will wish you happy birthday in advance, As you already know how I am first in everything so I am wishing you happy birthday in advance.
  17. Sending you some advance birthday wishes, to show you just how important you are to me!
  18. Too excited to greet you on your birthday. So, wishing you advance instead. Happy early birthday to you.
  19. The exuberance of your birthday is quite high. I have already made all the plans to make this birthday the best of your birthday. Advance birthday wishes to my little brother!
  20. You will be happy to know that I am the first who will wish you happy birthday in advanced,
  21. I genuinely wish your special day of the year creates a lot of succulent memories, brings massive opportunities, and unimaginable prosperity in your life. Sending you advance birthday wishes with heaps of affection.
  22. I feel so upset that I will not be able to attend your birthday party, so I wanted to greet you in advance today, my heartiest happy birthday to you.
  23. Someone said right it’s better late than never. But why get late when I can make you happy a little earlier than your birthday. So, please accept my best wishes and lots of love for your upcoming birthday.
  24. I hope you will get my early wishes and feel awesome about it, happy birthday in advance.
  25. I am sending you advance happy birthday wishes with loads of love and affection!
  26. My heartiest love for your special day of birth anniversary in advance. Have a blast.
  27. You are such a darling to me that a single day is not sufficient enough to wish you a happy birthday. So, I am sending you advance happy birthday wishes with loads of love and affection!
  28. As you already know how I am first in everything so I am wishing you happy birthday in advanced
  29. I am sending you tons of love, affection, blessings, and gifts way before your happy birthday because my work won’t allow me to spread madness at your party. Wishing you a super awesome happy birthday in advance!
  30. You and I are two of a kind. For years we have been close to each other and one greeting for your special day is not enough. I wish you an advance happy birthday bestie.Best Advance Birthday Wishes
  31. Happy birthday my dear. I am sending you my best wishes, love, and lots of affection in advance because you are very special to me. I hope this birthday of yours will bring a boatload of joy and prosperity in your life.
  32. You are my bestie and this is the right time to wish your happy birthday in advance.
  33. As I can’t celebrate with you on this birthday, but I am wishing you all the best in advance!
  34. An early Happy Birthday wish for the most awesome person in the world. Have a great birthday.
  35. Hey big brother, I am going to send you advance happy birthday messages every day until your birthday arrives. Happy birthday in advance!
  36. I hope you will get my early wishes and feel awesome about it, happy birthday in advanced
  37. An adorable and lovable person like you definitely deserves to be treated as an extraordinary person on your special day. I am super excited to send the most endearing advance happy birthday wishes and make your special day stand apart from the rest.
  38. Good friends recollect each other’s special day right on the date, but genuine best friends anticipated birthdays right ahead of the occasion.
  39. I want to make you feel special that is why I am sending you an early reminder of your birthday. Have a fantastic birthday celebration. Lots of love and best wishes.
  40. I know that I will never be on time that’s why I am wishing you a very happy birthday in advance.
  41. Happy birthday in advance, you are such a precious pretty soul.
  42. Stay blessed.
  43. It’s not your birthday yet, but you are special enough to deserve a wish in advance! Advance Happy Birthday, friend! Sending my warm hugs as a birthday present!
  44. Let’s make your 18th birthday super-special and magnificent. From today onwards, I will send you advance happy birthday images before anyone else starts wishing you. Lovely advance birthday wishes to you!
  45. You are my bestie and this is the right time to wish your happy birthday in advance.Best Advance Birthday Wishes ideas
  46. I know I am showing hastiness even though your birthday is quite far away. However, you can’t understand my eagerness to celebrate your birthday in full swing and zing. Happy birthday in advance to my lovely girl!
  47. I could not bear thinking about you getting on in years, so let me greet you with an advance happy birthday before that momentous day comes.
  48. Hey, dear please accept my lovely advance birthday wishes and please invite me to your birthday party. I will bring a gift but in return, I need a big piece of cake. Well, jokes aside happy birthday to you in advance.
  49. Can you remember how much time I wished you belated birthday but this time I am first here, wishing you happy birthday in advance?
  50. Good buddies remember each other’s birthday right on the date, but real best buddies remember birthdays days before.
  51. I don’t have the most beautiful gift for you, but I have the truest love for you. You’re always in my heart. HBD in advance!
  52. I know others will greet you on time but I want to be the one who greets you way before your birthday. Therefore, I am sending you advance happy birthday wishes with tons of hugs and kisses. 
  53. I know myself that I will never be on time that’s why I am wishing you a very happy birthday in advanced
  54. Just to make you feel like you are on cloud nine, I am sending uncountable birthday wishes in advance along with all my love and blessings for you.
  55. You might not know how much you mean to me in my life, and I want to show you that you are loved by greeting you in advance ahead from others.
  56. I am sending you my love and best wishes for your birthday in advance. Just to be clear I am reminding you earlier because I thought you may lend me some money to buy you a birthday present. Just kidding, happy birthday dear.
  57. I hope you will get lots of success and happiness on this birthday, happy birthday in advance.
  58. One greeting for your birthday is not enough. Advance happy birthday bestie.
  59. Can not take any chance with my memory, sending you an early birthday wish this year. Happy Advance Birthday, dear.
  60. I am not feeling joyous to say that I will not be able to grace your birthday celebration. I hope you will forgive me and understand my situation. Happy birthday in advance, my lovely friend!
  61. Wishing a spectacular happy birthday in advance to the most authentic and trustworthy person in the world. May your special day make a special place in everyone’s hearts.
  62. I know it is impossible to wish your birthday on your day because you will be very busy, that’s why I am wishing you a very good happy birthday in advance.
  63. Let me just remind you that the day you blessed us all with your arrival is just a few hours away to come. I can’t help greeting you a happy birthday in advance!
  64. I have started daydreaming about your birthday celebration so much that I have already started sending your birthday wishes. You will not understand my eagerness and eccentricity. Happy birthday in advance!
  65. Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man to wish Early birthday for everyone, happy birthday in advance 😀


A birthday is special for everyone. Birthdays are the days when someone is treated specially. We also feel this way because of the way our friends and family members treat us. We love to hear greetings and happy birthday wishes from our close ones. But what if someone wishes us early before the exact date? It feels awesome. We readily accept that we have a really big significance in this person’s life.

Now, if you also have someone special in your life who holds significant importance in your life, then wish them with advance birthday wishes for their birthday. It shows care and love from your side to them. 

From here, you can collect some advance birthday wishes to send to your favorite person. You’d wonder why sending someone a great message in advance might be considered a thoughtful gesture. Maybe you will not be able to attend their birthday because of some important reason. In that case, you can wish them in advance. It is only once a year that a birthday occurs. So if we don’t want to miss the special day of our special ones you can take the step of wishing them in advance. 

Share these advance birthday wishes lists with the ones in need.

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