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Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Happy Birthday wishes for cousin sister: Without brothers and sisters, our life is incomplete. From our childhood, they are our partners in crime. Even if they are cousins, sisters, or brothers, they hold an important place in our hearts and also in our life. When we were kids, our cousin sisters gave us some beautiful moments. Even today, we feel nostalgic whenever we think about those days. Sisters are always cute, sweet, and caring. Sometimes we fight with them, or sometimes they get scolded because of our mistakes. However, our lives would be empty without our sisters. That’s why we should wish them a happy birthday. To celebrate your cousin sister’s 21st birthday, you can send them some Happy birthday wishes for cousin sister from here.

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

  1. Regardless of us being cousins, I’m just glad that I know you as a person because you are really cool! Birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way.
  2. You are not just my friend but you are a friend indeed in all my friends. I can rely on you and trust you utmost. Happy birthday to my lovely cousin sister!
  3. A little bird whispered in my ear, it’s your birthday today my favorite cousin, so for you, a poem I will write on how good and smart you are. a blessing I will give to a loving and happy year.
  4. Happy Birthday. To My Amazing Cousin, Woohoo! It’s your day! Go crazy and enjoy it! I can’t wait to see what wonderful things life brings you this next year.
  5. Hey dear, I just want to thank you for being my partner and my companion in everything throughout my life. You are my partner in crime. Have an amazing birthday my dear cousin.
  6. Your birthday is the beginning of another 365 days trip around the Sun. Let this year be full of sun, good emotions and true friends. Love you like a real sister.
  7. Happy birthday my dear cousin sister! Fate and destiny may have decided that we’re going to become cousins, but we have proved them wrong by becoming the best of friends!
  8. Happy birthday to someone who is forever young.
  9. I don’t care how much time passes between visits, I always feel like we were just together. I love being your Cousin! Happy Birthday!21st birthday wishes for cousin sister
  10. I wish you live longer and all your dreams come true. You get what you want and never be in any blue. Happy birthday dear cousin sister!
  11. May you have a phenomenal day! Happy Birthday, Cousin!
  12. Happy Birthday. For my sweet cousin, You are all kinds of wonderful. I’m wishing you the most scrumptious and delightful birthday ever!
  13. You are not only my cousin but also my best friend. In our family’s boring outing and reunions, we both are found together hanging out together. Have a delightful birthday dear cousin. Happy birthday.
  14. My lovely cousin, may all the kindness you’ve given to others is returned to you a thousand fold on this wonderful day. You must have an amazing birthday.
  15. Meaningful silences, dark secrets, and embarrassing moments! These are some of the most valuable things that we share aside from the DNA and genes. Have a wonderful birthday to you, my dear cousin sister!
  16. There is nothing greater than being blessed with such a wonderful cousin. Happy Birthday.
  17. You are becoming a young man and its your birthday, so we won’t let go. there is no one like you in the world, you are gentle and kind, so talented and athletic. for you we will wish; That every morning the sun will shine, that all the stars will smile at you and that you will be accepted with love everywhere you turn.
  18. I wish you may meet the man of your dreams and he loves you every time, never leaving you alone. Beautiful birthday wishes to my cousin sister!birthday wishes for cousin female
  19. We have shared amazing moments together and I’m sure that we will continue doing. For having made my life happier always, I’m happy that we are cousins and today I wish you the best. Happy birthday brother!
  20. Happy Birthday. Happiness is having you for my family. Cousins are like sisters and best friends all rolled up into one! Have a beautiful day.
  21. Today I’m missing you so much. I remember when we were small, we used to celebrate our birthdays together. Old times were great. Hope to see you soon. Till then enjoy it. Have a wonderful and happy birthday my cousin.
  22. Good morning, cousin! It’s your birthday and I want to be the first person to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are my BFF and will always be. Congratulations, sweetie!
  23. You’re certainly the best cousin anyone can ever wish to have! You always cheer up whenever I feel so lonely and you are always there when things are tough for me to handle. Happy birthday to you! I love you so much!
  24. Happy Birthday my crazy, wonderful, hilarious and truly amazing cousin.
  25. Regardless of us being cousins, I am happy to be your friend because you are really cool. Wishing a wonderful cousin a wonderful Birthday!
  26. Your life remains always filled with glory and happiness. May you have the hand of God on you and you always shine like a star. Happy birthday sister!
  27. Having a pretty cousin sister like you is a lot of responsibility. I have to convince all my guy friends to stay away from you because all of them have a crush on you. Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin.
  28. Happy Birthday Sister. Let the good times roll! Wish I was there to celebrate with you, cousin. Have fun and enjoy yourself today!happy birthday cousin
  29. No one can understand you. Only I can because we had a crazy, funny, beautiful life together. I hope you stay wild and fantastic. Happy birthday my cousin with loads of love.
  30. Cousin sister, you truly deserve a super birthday, because you are a super girl. Hope these new 365 days will bring you a good luck and happiness. You are a wonderful relative.
  31. Cousins may be related by blood but they are best friends by heart. They are like siblings who share secrets and will always support each other no matter what! Happy birthday to you my dearest sister!
  32. Even though we’re just cousins to the outside world. I consider you one of my closest friends in my heart. Happy Birthday Cousin.
  33. Take a moment and reflect on the wonderful life you have had. As you think of your future, count me as part of it. Happy birthday cousin.
  34. I pray to the Lord that he bestows you with the abundance of all forms of love. You may never be hungry of it. Awesome wishes to you my cousin sister!
  35. A cousin like you is one of the best gifts I have received in my entire life. Thank you for being an inspiration. May you have a fantastic birthday celebration and may you continue to inspire more people.
  36. Happy Birthday. To my Cousin, I’m wishing you all the best today and in the year ahead. Take some time to spoil yourself today! (And eat an extra slice of cake for me!)
  37. No one has the power to bring a smile on my face. It’s because of your funny face and jokes I can smile. Thank you for that. Keep shining and have a wonderful birthday. May you always shine like a star. Love you. Happy birthday dear cousin.
  38. Time to celebrate! I need to see you happy and how you enjoy this day. There’s nothing more special than your birthday, sweetie. So, be happy, girl!
  39. It is certainly a blessing to have a smart, cool and superb cousin like you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming into your life and may you have a birthday filled with joy, luck and happiness!
  40. You are my antidote for an irritating friend, annoying boss, cheating boyfriend and backstabbing colleagues. Happy birthday Cousin Sister.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin Female

People who are single child or don’t have any brothers or sisters feel the importance of cousins most in their life. They often try to find a friend from childhood who will play with them, who will listen to all the stories. Cousins feel this gap and become the best friends. Cousin sisters are like our mothers who love us unconditionally and equally feel our emotions all the time.  To thank her for all the efforts and caring she has shown to you, you should never forget about her birthday. That’s why we have listed all possible happy birthday wishes & Quotes for cousin sister.

happy birthday cousin sister quotes

Maybe you have not called her for many days. When we grow up, our connections with our cousin’s sister may get feeble. But that does not mean she has forgotten you or you don’t care about her. The love still remains the same. So on this birthday, let’s lit up the connection once again. Send her some most loving and caring, happy birthday wishes for my cousin’s sister. It will surely make her happy. Try to wish her in the first place so that she can realize how much you still care for her. Our list of happy birthday wishes for cousin sisters will surely help you in this event. 

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