Who Is the 19-Year-Old Billionaire? Clemente Del Vecchio Net Worth 2024

Clemente Del Vecchio

At just 19 years old, Clemente Del Vecchio has captured the attention of the world with his astonishing wealth.

As of June 2024, his net worth stands at $4.6 billion.

After inheriting his stake in his father’s fortune in 2022, Clemente became the world’s youngest billionaire at 18.

Forbes has taken note of Clemente’s impressive financial status, ranking him at #682 on their real-time billionaire list.

Key Facts

  • Clemente Del Vecchio became a billionaire at 18.
  • He inherited a 12.5% stake in his father’s holding company, Delfin, based in Luxembourg.
  • His net worth is currently $4.6 billion, according to Forbes.
  • Despite his substantial inheritance, Clemente is focused on his studies and personal interests.
  • He has a keen interest in science and technology and wants to attend college to pursue a career in these fields.
  • Clemente owns several luxury properties in Italy, including a villa in Lake Como and an apartment in Milan.

Net Worth and Financial Milestones

His fortune largely stems from his father, Leonardo Del Vecchio, the founder of EssilorLuxottica, the world’s leading eyewear manufacturer and retailer.

At the time of Leonardo’s passing, his net worth was estimated at an astounding $24.1 billion, making him the second wealthiest person in Italy and the 54th richest in the world.

Clemente, one of six children of the late Leonardo Del Vecchio, has inherited a significant portion of the family’s wealth who died 27th of June 2022.

Despite his young age, this inheritance has catapulted him into the ultra-rich category, making him a prominent name among young billionaires.

His father, Leonardo Del Vecchio, laid the foundation for this empire, contributing heavily to Clemente’s net worth of $4.6 billion.

Compared to his peers, Clemente Del Vecchio’s financial standing is notable. He ranks just behind Livia Voigt, the world’s youngest billionaire, as per the 2024 Forbes Billionaires List.

His Life and Family

EssilorLuxottica Family Day

Despite the vast family wealth from Leonardo’s leadership, which included acquiring major brands like Sunglass Hut and Ray-Ban, Clemente maintains a low profile.

He reportedly does not directly engage in his father’s businesses, and it is not publicly known in what school does he go, but he is dedicated to studies that we know.

Clemente has five siblings. He and Luca are the children of Sabina Grossi and Leonardo Del Vecchio.

Leonardo had three children from his first wife, Luciana Nervo: Claudio, Marisa, and Paola. With his second wife, Nicoletta Zampillo, he had another son, Leonardo Maria.

His oldest brother, Claudio, gained prominence after their father sent him to the United States at age 25 in 1982.

For 15 years, he managed Luxottica in the U.S., making significant acquisitions such as LensCrafters for $1.4 billion in 1995.

In 2001, Claudio purchased Brooks Brothers for $225 million, but the company encountered financial difficulties and filed for bankruptcy in July 2020.

Clemente’s second-oldest brother, Leonardo Maria, is actively involved in the family business, heading Italian retail for Luxottica.

Interestingly, few people know that Clemente Del Vecchio’s grandfather worked as a vegetable peddler in Milan and passed away before Clemente was born.

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