STPeach – Biography, Career, Net Worth, Earnings 2024

Welcome to a snapshot of STPeach’s journey, a narrative of digital fame and the blending of gaming with personal branding. In this blog post, we’ll map the milestones of STPeach’s life in 2024—a year that saw her brand and influence grow in the competitive arena of content creation.

We’re highlighting the pivotal elements that have sculpted her online persona and career trajectory. Buckle up for a sharp, concise exploration of STPeach’s 2024, a year that solidified her as a powerhouse in the streaming universe.

General Facts and Figures

  • Full name: Lisa Vannatta, aka Lisa Peachy, aka STPeach
  • Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Occupation: Vlogger and Video Games Streamer
  • Birthday: November 8, 1993
  • Birthplace: Calgary, Canada
  • Birth Sign: Scorpio
  • Spouse: Married
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Background Information

STPeach is a renowned vlogger, and she streams video games. She has a massive following across all major social media platforms. These sites are Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Apart from STPeach, her followers and friends also know her as Lisa Peachy.

Lisa Peachy spends most of her time in two places. She was found in Los Angeles, California, in the US. She also spends her time in Bankview, Canada.

The town where she was raised has a population of only 100 people. She is the sister of two brothers. Her family still resides in Calgary. STPeach got interested in internet games when she saw her two brothers gaming.

Career life

Stpeach career

Growing up in Calgary, Lisa Peachy was always fond of video games. In October 2015, she showed her love for video games on Twitch. Afterward, she attracted a massive following on this streaming platform and other social media platforms.

Her followers are captivated by the enjoyable games she plays. The most loved games are Fortnite and League of Legends, among others.

STPeach does not focus on video games alone. She is also an Instagram model. Here, she has 1.7 million followers. She plays the role of a fashion and fitness model. She is also available on YouTube, where she gets to share her experiences.

On this platform, she has a following of 200,000 subscribers and close to 5 million views. She has a significant following on Periscope, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Lisa Peachy had a part-time job as a dental assistant. When she became famous, she quit this job and focused on gaming videos.


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Personal Information and Life

STPeach has green eyes and a height of 5’5″. She has striking looks that go well with her fashion and fitness videos. What her followers find interesting is the sense of style that she possesses.

She has maintained a tight relationship with her mother and grandmother. She is a pet lover, and she has two cats named Leo and Alfred. She describes that, at a personal level, she is shy. But she exhibits an outgoing personality on social media.

STPeach has a boyfriend, Jay. He is a Korean-American man residing in the US. They both love video games. At the time of the meeting, they were just friends. In 2011 and 2012, they played video games together. They later met again in 2016 as STPeach attended Twitchcon, California. STPeach found Jay attractive, and so did he.

Now, they are both engaged, and they tied the knot on May 24, 2019. STPeach is learning Korean for better communication with Jay’s parents. This interracial relationship has received extensive support and racist comments in equal measure.

STPeach’s Net worth


Currently, her net worth stands at about $2 million. Endorsements, advertisement revenues, and sponsorships are her primary sources of income. Her net worth is probably set to increase with an increased following.

In conclusion, I think you’ll like STPeach. She is an internet sensation, a fashionista, a fitness guru, and a great gamer!

How much does she make from streaming

She is anticipated to make between $15 and $20 thousand from Twitch alone each month, or $200 to $250 thousand annually.

Body Measurement

She stands 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs 54 kilograms. Her body is 34–28–40 inches in size. She wears a 34C bra size.

Collaborations and Merchandising


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Lisa’s rising popularity opened doors for collaborations with gaming and lifestyle brands. She partnered with companies to review products, share discount codes, and even release merchandise under the STPeach brand. This strategy was mutually beneficial; it offered her audience quality products while enhancing her visibility and revenue streams.

The merchandise range includes apparel, gaming accessories, and personal care items, all of which embody Lisa’s personality and brand image. Her ability to market these products without compromising the authenticity of her content is a key factor in her continued popularity and business growth.

Impact on Gaming and Influencer Culture

Role Model for Aspiring Streamers

Lisa’s journey from a small-town gamer to an international online sensation serves as an inspiration to many aspiring content creators. She proved that with dedication, skill, and the ability to engage an audience, success in the competitive world of streaming is attainable.

Her transparent approach to sharing her life’s ups and downs makes her relatable. Lisa has shown that it’s possible to build a personal brand while staying true to oneself, which encourages others to pursue their passions in the gaming and influencer sphere.

Shaping the Future of Streaming

STPeach’s impact is notable in how she’s shaped viewer expectations and content creator responsibilities. Her commitment to inclusivity and positive community interaction sets a standard for the streaming culture. As a pioneer among women streamers, she challenges stereotypes and empowers others to carve their niche regardless of gender.

Her influence extends beyond gaming as she integrates various aspects of her life into her brand. This holistic approach to content creation is forging a path for future streamers to follow, where the line between gaming and other interests is not just blurred but completely erased, creating a more dynamic and engaging streaming environment.


What specific steps did STPeach take to expand her brand in 2024?

STPeach broadened her brand in 2024 by amplifying her online presence. She introduced a series of interactive live Q&A sessions to engage with her audience on a more personal level. Additionally, she participated in high-profile gaming tournaments and expanded her content beyond gaming to include vlogs on wellness and lifestyle.

Has STPeach been involved in any charity work or philanthropy this year?

Yes, STPeach has combined her influence with philanthropy by organizing charity streams. In these events, she raised funds for various causes, from mental health awareness to supporting local animal shelters. She has often emphasized the importance of giving back to the community as part of her brand ethos.

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations for STPeach that fans can look forward to?

While specific details may be under wraps, STPeach has hinted at upcoming collaborations with tech and gaming companies. She’s also expressed interest in developing her own gaming app, aiming to create an immersive experience that echoes her unique gaming style and personality.

How does STPeach approach the balance between gaming content and other lifestyle content?

STPeach strategically schedules her content to maintain a balance. She dedicates certain days to gaming streams while allocating others to lifestyle and fitness vlogs. This ensures her audience gets a diverse viewing experience each week, aligning with her brand’s multi-dimensional nature.

What advice does STPeach offer to new streamers trying to build their brand?

STPeach often advises new streamers to remain consistent, authentic, and interactive. She stresses the importance of building a community around one’s content and being adaptable to the changing trends and preferences of the audience while maintaining one’s unique voice.

Can viewers participate in STPeach’s gaming streams, and if so, how?

Viewers can indeed participate in STPeach’s gaming streams. She occasionally hosts “play with viewers” sessions where followers can join her in live games. These sessions are typically announced in advance on her social media platforms, giving viewers the chance to prepare and participate.

Final Words

As the calendar pages turn, it’s clear that STPeach’s trajectory in 2024 is not just a series of events, but a blueprint for digital brilliance. From her small-town roots to a global platform, Lisa Vannatta has demonstrated what it means to merge passion with profession seamlessly. Her strides in gaming, lifestyle, and personal branding are a testament to her adaptability and commitment to her craft.

STPeach’s narrative this year is not merely one of personal triumph but a beacon for aspiring influencers and gamers. Her balance of authenticity with business acumen sets the stage for future content creators aiming to make their mark. Beyond the screen, her initiatives in charity and community building reflect a star who shines not just in the virtual world but also in the hearts of her fans and peers.

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