50+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Bhabhi – Sister in Law

Best Sister in Law Birthday Wishes

After our parents, our brother and sister-in-law (bhabhi) are our guardians. Our brother and sister-in-law is more like our friend with whom we can share everything. It is our responsibility to wish heartwarming wishes for her birthday. As every single day passes by, we can realize more affection and love towards them.

Though your sister-in-law came from a different household and family, then also she becomes a part of our family. It is really a tough phase for her. This time we need to stay by her side. We should try to make her feel like she is in her own house. Try to be her family and wish her on some special days. For example, wishing her on birthday or anniversary, etc.

Here you can get some of the Happy Birthday wishes for bhabhi.

Warmest Birthday Greetings: Sending Love to Your Wonderful Sister in Law

Birthday Greetings for Sister in Law

  1. Happy Birthday! Your gentleness and smiles make me feel like there are no worries in the world.
  2. Happy birthday to my gorgeous bhabhi, thank you for your helping hand that can make my all tough path so smooth and easy all the way.
  3. Happy birthday to my lovely bhabhiji! You are the complete package of entertainment, the person can never ever get bored when you are near around. Thank you for being a special part of our family.
  4. Happy Birthday to the one of the most gorgeous lady, I have ever seen in my entire life. I am wishing all the best for you. 
  5. You are not only sweet and beautiful but you are also very caring for everyone around you. May God give you great success, happiness, and love in upcoming years! Happy birthday, bhabhi!
  6. Dear bhabhi, your talkative gesture brings a smile on our faces, you are the deep sea of fun and laughter. Happy birthday to the bestest person in our life.
  7. Dear bhabhi, sending all the good wishes and love for you on your special day, Happy Birthday to you. 
  8. It is time to party! It is time to sing and dance. it is your time. I wish my very special Bhabhi a  Joyful Happy Birthday!.
  9. You are the best person on the earth who lives for others. You are the best person who cares and helps me great whenever I am puzzled. May God fulfill all your desires! Happy B-day my lovely bhabhi!
  10. Dear Bhabhi! May all your wishes and sweet dreams come true. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Bhabhi Ji!
  11. Happy birthday to my most stylish bhabhiji, people love to follow you in every way, you are a stylish icon in our family. God will bless you with all his blessings.
  12. I am so blessed that I have got a wonderful sister-in-law like you, you are truly like my own elder sister. Thank you very much for being awesome, take all the love and good wishes on your special day, Happy Birthday to you, dear bhabhi Ji.Birthday Wishes for Sister in Law
  13. Happy Birthday to my sweet Bhabhi! Your good values are our virtues. May you live long to see many more years.
  14. Thanks for everything that you have done for me. It’s time to celebrate your big day with great enthusiasm. Happy birthday to my dearest bhabhi!
  15. To a Beautiful Bhabhi. You add a special Brightness to our family, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday..!!
  16. Birthday is just one more reason to celebrate some more special moments with you and add up some more new memories in our life’s journey. Happy birthday to my loving and wonderful bhabhi.
  17. You are the happiest soul I have ever seen in the world, your smile makes me feel like there is no worry in the world, Happy Birthday to you, bhabhi. 
  18. The day when the most wonderful female mind was born is my most wonderful day. Happy Birthday.
  19. To my beautiful life, I would like to wish you a Happy ceremony bright as a diamond, shining like a star and so special for you.
  20. Oh! My Dear Bhabhi! May your Birthday be filled with so much happiness, fun, joyful, love, good health, and wealth.
  21. Happy birthday dear Bhabhi, we are feeling incomplete and alone when you are not around us, your presence fills an amazing joy and happiness inside our heart. God bless you the happiest and healthy life ahead.
  22. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life, today is your birthday, Happy Birthday to you, dear bhabhi Ji. 
  23. Hey! My Dear Bhabhi! A new year of life that brings in a load of happiness and wonderful memories.
  24. On your birthday lots of people are thinking of you. I just wanted to let you know that I am one of them. Happy Birthday!
  25. Dear sweet Bhabhi! First I wish that this Birthday teaches you something new and wonderful. I love you so much.Sister in Law Birthday Wishes
  26. Dear Bhabhi, you are the best gift of god for me. All the problems are too small in front of you, there is no hurdle for which you don’t have any solution. Happy birthday to the superwomen of our family.
  27. Dear Bhabhi, I am sending lots of love and good wishes on your birthday. 
  28. May good things come your way, I value our relationship and I think it is best to have you in my life because I am truly blessed.
  29. May at your Birthday party, I give special gifts and special hugs with me. Wish you a very Happy Birthday to you.
  30. Happy birthday, my dear Bhabhiji, our relationship is very special, you are always my sweet little younger sister with whom I can share all my goods and bad.
  31. May your birthday become stunning and awesome like you, Happy Birthday to you, dear. 
  32. If you think I am simply going to give you lovely wishes on your Birthday and walk away, you are wrong, I will stay till the end of the day wishing you happy birthday returns of the day.
  33. May God shower his choicest blessings on you. wishing you happiness, good health and a great year ahead.
  34. Happy birthday to my very beautiful and exceptional Bhabhi, who can well balance her both professional and personal life extremely well.
  35. Hey dear bhabhi, congratulations on completing another successful year. You are very inspiring and motivating, Happy Birthday to you.
  36. Your values are our virtues! May you live long to see many more years. Happy Birthday, day Bhabhi Maa.Sister in Law Birthday
  37. Happy Birthday Sweet Lovely Bhabhi. Always be Happy. Love u alot God Bless You…!!!
  38. Happy birthday to my loving and caring Bhabhi who always treated and cared for my kids like her own kids. Thank you for all your unconditional support that you have given me since the last so many years, I wish you the happiest birthday once again.
  39. I feel like you are the most wonderful diva in the world, I am so grateful to have you as my sister-in-law, Happy Birthday to you, dear bhabhi. 
  40. In the darkest of times with love, I wanna say may you stay blessed every day and night and I hope you enjoy your day with love. Many many happy returns of the day Bhabhi ji.
  41. Happy Birthday, Bhabhi. May this Birthday be different from the rest of Birthdays in every good way. May all your sweet dreams come true.
  42. Happy Birthday to my Bhabhi. Sending you smiles for the very moment of your special day.
  43. Dear Bhabhi Ji, frankly speaking in the early days when you were along with us, I was actually not like you a lot but as time went on and I started knowing you, my belief in you has raised, you are a great and humble human being. Wish you a happiest day ahead.
  44. Happy birthday to my coolest bhabhi ever! You always know how to cheer me up, make me smile and make my day brighter, thank you for the most amazing person in my life.


Your bhabhi is like your elder sister. So try to treat her in the way you treat your own sisters. In this way, she will never feel left out in your family. Gradually she will adjust with the family. She has the same feelings in her heart for you as your sisters have. So try to make her birthday special by sending her some happy birthday wishes for bhabhi. It will make her feel great. She will acknowledge that your family treats her just like their daughter. From the above list, either you can take some ideas, or you can also pick some of the best wishes for your bhabhi.

Now what puts you in a dilemma is how you should approach her. It’s simple and easy. Simply visit her on her birthday and wish her happy birthday with these happy birthday wishes. Otherwise, you can also give her something and when you are giving the gift just wish them. If you are far away from home, then you can also send her some messages on WhatsApp with these happy birthday wishes. We have put all types of happy birthday wishes for bhabhi here so that it becomes easy for you to select your desired wish.

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