Roger Miklos – Biography 2024 – Celebrity Treasure Hunter

Roger Miklos was a personality whose exploits left a lasting impression on treasure hunting and nautical exploration. His life, marked by adventure and the allure of the unknown, wove together the threads of history, treasure hunting, and television fame.

Miklos was renowned not just for his discoveries, which captured the imagination of many, but also for his charismatic persona that shone brightly on the screen in the hit TV show “Cooper’s Treasure“.

His journey from a former police officer to a celebrity treasure hunter is a remarkable story of passion, persistence, and the pursuit of enigma-laden artifacts.

  • Full Name: Roger Lee Miklos
  • Net Worth: $1 Million
  • Occupation: Treasure Hunter, TV Celebrity & Former Police Officer
  • Birthday: January 6, 1941
  • Birthplace: Summerland Key, Florida
  • Birth Sign: Capricorn
  • Date of Death: February 19, 2018
  • Place of Death: Iraan, Texas
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Married: Twice
  • Children: Darrell, Lauren, Kim, and Kelly

About Roger Miklos

Roger Miklos

Roger Miklos was a former American police officer who later became a renowned treasure hunter and TV celebrity.

He was born in Summerland Key, Florida, on January 6th, 1941, but grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and lived most of his life in California.

The father of four became more popular when he was featured in Cooper’s Treasure, a television series about discovered lost ships.

As a treasure hunter, he had several difficulties. He said that in the heat, he had to dive while wearing ice cubes under a swimsuit to maintain a comfortable body temperature. He added that the wave pushed him up against the boat, breaking nearly every tooth in his mouth like almost every driver.


Roger was born to William Miklos and Marie Miklos. He got married twice in his lifetime. His first wife, with whom he had four children, i.e, Laurie Miklos, Darrell Miklos, Kelly Miklos, and Kim Miklos, was called Marie Miklos. Much is not known by the public about her whereabouts. Notably, Roger did not have a child with his second wife, Sheila.

His family life, though not as widely publicized as his treasure hunting exploits, was a facet of his existence that he kept relatively guarded, preserving the sanctity of his personal life amidst the fame.


Before venturing into treasure hunting, Roger was a police officer in Reno, Nevada. The famous shipwreck and treasure hunter also worked along with the DEA in Nassau, Bahamas.

Upon embarking on his new and adventurous career, he set out to the ocean with metal detectors to search for coins while relying on the knowledge he had acquired from books.

When he later met Kip Wagner – a treasure hunter, he took a professional path in his career. Wagner, who got impressed by his work and determination, offered him a job, making him a professional treasure hunter.

Through the latter years, Roger became good at exploring sites of shipwrecks, making several great discoveries. One of them was the Atocha ship that was lost and sank in the ocean in 1622, from which he recovered numerous treasures.

A few years later, Roger met Gordon Cooper, who also had an interest in treasure hunting, through his associate – Wagner. In 1978, he was featured along with the late astronaut on the Merv Griffin Show.

Thereafter, he was featured regularly on the show “Cooper’s Treasure” on the Discovery Channel alongside his son Darrell Miklos.

After a few decades of treasure hunting, he decided to retire, passing on the mantle to his son, Darrell.

Miklos’s discovery sunken U-boat

Roger Miklos’s discovery of a sunken German U-boat is a tale that has etched itself into the annals of treasure hunting folklore.

It was not merely the finding of the submarine that captured the attention of historians and adventure enthusiasts alike, but the manner in which Miklos applied his distinctive blend of tenacity, knowledge of nautical lore, and meticulous research to uncover what many believed was undiscoverable.

This discovery, which unfolded in the vast, shadowy depths of the ocean, was more than just a testament to Miklos’s skill as a treasure hunter; it was a poignant reminder of the haunting remnants that wars leave behind.

The U-boat, a formidable war machine of its time, lay dormant underwater, its story and secrets preserved in the deep.

Miklos approached this discovery with a profound respect for history, aware that the vessel was not merely a trove of artifacts, but a submerged chronicle of the past, a solemn underwater crypt holding the stories of its crew and the echoes of a world at war.

The meticulous recovery and documentation of the U-boat provided not only valuable insights into World War II maritime history but also contributed to the collective understanding of the technological advancements and the strategic naval warfare of the era.

Death of Roger Milkos

Roger died on February 19th, 2018, 10 pm at a rest area in Iraan when he suffered a heart attack amid travel. At the time of his death, he was 76 years old.

The tragic news of his death reached his son Darrell who was shooting for a new episode for “Cooper’s Treasure.” On April 4, 2018, a memorial service was held for the deceased at the Key East United Methodist Church.


How has Roger Miklos influenced modern treasure hunting?

Miklos’s methods and approaches to locating sunken treasures have inspired many modern treasure hunters. His blend of intuition, research, and respect for history set a standard in the field.

Where can I learn more about Roger Miklos’s discoveries?

Information about Roger Miklos’s discoveries can typically be found in maritime history books, documentaries, and archives that document significant underwater explorations and treasure recoveries.

Was Roger Miklos involved in any partnerships or collaborations in his treasure hunts?

Throughout his career, Miklos collaborated with other treasure hunters, researchers, and occasionally with governmental agencies or private sponsors who shared his interest in discovering and preserving sunken artifacts.

Are there any museums or exhibitions that feature Roger Miklos’s finds?

Items discovered by Roger Miklos have been displayed in various museums and exhibitions, allowing the public to view the results of his endeavors in treasure hunting and learn about the historical context of his finds.

How can someone follow in Roger Miklos’s footsteps and become a treasure hunter?

Aspiring treasure hunters often begin by studying maritime history, navigation, and scuba diving, as well as learning about the legal aspects of searching for and claiming treasures, drawing inspiration from pioneers like Miklos.

The Bottom Line

Roger Miklos’s biography is more than a simple recount of events; it’s a saga of determination and discovery that resonates with the adventurous spirit.

As we look back on his life, it’s clear that Miklos was not just hunting for treasures; he was also charting a course for future explorers to follow. His narrative is imbued with the thrill of the chase and the joy of unearthing the hidden gems of history.

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