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Megan Guthrie, better known as Megnutt, has become a prominent Social Media Personality, capturing millions of followers on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram at just 21 years old. Her content, which includes life updates and cosplay, appeals to a wide and diverse audience, solidifying her status as a digital influencer.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Megan’s engaging and charismatic presence has earned her a significant platform not only on TikTok, where she initially rose to fame, but also on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and OnlyFans. She maintains a cohesive online persona across these platforms under the handle ‘megnutt02’.

Despite her extensive online presence, Megan keeps many details of her personal life private. However, she actively shares her experiences and creative content with her growing fanbase, blending personal insights with her professional persona.


Megan Guthrie and Casey Boonstra

Megan Guthrie, widely known as Megnutt, hails from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. She was born on February 14th, 2002.

Details about Megan’s family life are mostly private, with no public records revealing information about her family members or whether she has any siblings.

Similarly, her early education is believed to have taken place in her hometown, but specific details about her schooling remain undisclosed.

While specific information about her childhood remains sparse, Megan occasionally offers glimpses into her formative years on her social platforms.

In a notable instance, she shared an old photograph of her father, though she refrained from providing his name, leading to various media simply referring to him as Mr. Guthrie.

Rising to Stardom through Online Entertainment


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She became an internet sensation by leveraging TikTok’s trends, creating dance routines, and adding humor to her content. She began her TikTok journey in the summer of 2019, posting her first video, which humorously reflected on childhood nostalgia, and she has over 12 million TikTok followers.

Her consistent content creation soon led to viral success.

As her presence grew across social media, Megan expanded her range of content, venturing into adult-themed material. Beyond her comedy and dance videos, she now engages an adult audience with exclusive content accessible through a subscription-based model on OnlyFans.

Her profile extends across multiple social networking sites, each showcasing a facet of her persona as a content creator.

Below are her prominent social media profiles and their respective followings:

  • Instagram (@megnutt02): More than 1.1 million followers track her life and exclusive photos.
  • Twitter (@megnutt02): She has built a community of 355K followers, sharing snippets of thoughts and interactions.
  • Facebook (@megnutt02): While not as prevalent on Facebook, she has accrued over 1,200 followers who stay tuned to her occasional updates.
  • TikTok (@megnutt02): Her most celebrated platform, where she captivates 12.4 million followers with her engaging TikTok videos and has amassed an impressive 462.5 million likes.

Exploring Her Involvement in Modeling

Megan Nutt in Modeling

Her physical attributes include a height of 5 feet 4 inches, which translates to 163 cm.

She weighs approximately around 50 to 55 kg, contributing to her visibly curvaceous form.

Attributes Details
Height 5’4″ (163 cm)
Weight 50-55 kg (110-121 lbs)
Body Measurements 38-26-40 inches
Shoe Size Not publicized

Her striking blue eyes are a trait shared by only eight percent of the global population.

Fun fact: Blue eyes appear blue because they scatter light, reflecting more blue light outwards, despite not containing any blue pigment.

However, Megan Nutt is not a natural blue-eyed blonde. Her natural hair color is dark brown, and she often dyes her hair blonde to achieve her current look.

Parents Were Against Social Media

Her parents were against her being on social media. They felt her content was inappropriate and distracting her from her academics.

Despite their concerns, Megan continued to post online, and her engaging content eventually earned her a significant following on Instagram and TikTok.

Over time, they accepted her decision, recognizing the success and popularity she gained from her social media presence.

Relationship Status

Megnutt's Relationship Status

Her current relationship status is a mystery to the public. Despite speculation suggesting she might be single, there is also the possibility she’s in a private relationship.

Scrutinizing her social media presence does not offer any clues about her romantic life.

On these platforms, she is seen relishing her journey as an influential social media persona and frequently shares moments spent with her companions.

Key Facts

  • Education: Public information suggests that she has completed her high school education.
  • Career: Alongside social media, Guthrie pursued opportunities in the modeling sector.
  • Content: Her online posts span lifestyle topics, candid personal moments, professional photoshoots, and her travel ventures.
  • Ethnicity: Guthrie’s heritage is white, and she identifies as of straight sexual orientation.
  • Community Involvement: Beyond personal content, Guthrie is known to connect with her audience, sharing her fitness routines and fashion insights.


What Inspired Megan Guthrie to Start Her Career on Social Media?
While specific details about her initial inspiration are not publicly known, Megan Guthrie’s entry into social media, like many influencers, was likely driven by a desire to express her creativity and connect with a wider audience. Her early content on TikTok suggests a passion for humor and dance, which resonated with many users.
Has Megan Guthrie Won Any Awards for Her Social Media Content?
As of now, there are no records of Megan Guthrie receiving formal awards for her social media content. However, her significant following and popularity are testaments to her success and influence in the digital space.
Does Megan Guthrie Collaborate with Other Social Media Influencers?
Megan Guthrie, like many influencers, may engage in collaborations, but specific instances or details about such collaborations are not publicly documented. Collaborations are common in the influencer community to expand reach and engage with different audiences.
What Kind of Impact Has Megan Guthrie Had on Her Followers?
Megan Guthrie, through her diverse content ranging from life updates to cosplay, has likely had a positive impact on her followers by providing entertainment, relatable content, and a sense of community. Her ability to connect with a wide audience suggests that many find her content uplifting and engaging.
How Does Megan Guthrie Interact with Her Fans?
Megan Guthrie interacts with her fans primarily through her social media platforms. She engages with them by responding to comments, sharing life updates, and possibly through direct messages. Her active presence on multiple platforms allows for varied interactions with her fanbase.
What Future Projects or Directions Is Megan Guthrie Planning for Her Career?
Details about Megan Guthrie’s future projects or career directions are not publicly known. However, given her success and adaptability, she may continue to explore new content forms, possibly expand into other areas of digital media, or delve deeper into modeling and cosplay.

Final Words

Megan Guthrie is carving out a niche for herself as a content creator and model in the digital world, balanced with a warm connection to her family and a strong sense of privacy concerning her personal life.  Her ability to adapt to various platforms and develop a robust online following is a testament to her creativity and business acumen.

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