Apple WWDC 2024: iPhone Gets ChatGPT Integration, ‘Apple Intelligence’ Unveiled

iPhone Gets ChatGPT Integration, 'Apple Intelligence' Unveiled

Apple unveiled its AI strategy on Monday, integrating the new “Apple Intelligence” technology across its suite of apps, including Siri, and bringing OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT to its devices.

In a nearly two-hour presentation at Apple’s annual developer conference, executives including CEO Tim Cook highlighted how voice assistant Siri would interact with messages, emails, calendars, and third-party apps. Siri will now write emails and change its tone to suit the occasion.

Long known for its focus on user safety, the iPhone maker signaled it plans to differentiate itself from rivals Microsoft and Google by placing privacy “at the core” of its features.

“There isn’t anything here that propels the brand ahead of its as-expected trajectory of incrementalism,” said Dipanjan Chatterjee, an analyst at Forrester. “Apple Intelligence will indeed delight its users in small but meaningful ways. It brings Apple level with, but not head and shoulders above, where its peers are at.”

Apple’s approach contrasts with the enterprise-first focus of its rivals. The company hopes these moves will convince its more than 1 billion users – most of whom are not tech aficionados – of the need for the nascent technology.

Apple executive Craig Federighi called Apple Intelligence “AI for the rest of us.”

Apple still remains overly reliant on sales of the iPhone, and some analysts said any boost from the new AI features was unlikely to materialize in the short term.

“In this early race, it feels that Alphabet, and even more so Microsoft, are in better shape following their initial moves and thanks to their cloud assets,” said Paolo Pescatore, analyst and founder of PP Foresight.

The AI features announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will come with the latest operating system for its devices, which were also demonstrated at the event.

Apple uses the event at its Cupertino, California, headquarters each year to showcase updates to its own apps and operating systems, as well as to show developers new tools they will be able to use in their apps.

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