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James Heltibridle worked in the filmmaking industry. He is commonly known to be a production manager in the popular series The Walking Dead.

He worked in this series until he died in 2016. James’ demise was sudden. Because of his vital role in this series, an episode was dedicated to his honor.

General Facts and Figures

  • Full name: James Benjamin Heltibridle
  • Net Worth: $1 Million
  • Occupation: Production designer, filmmaker, artist
  • Education: North Carolina School of Arts, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Birthday: 29 November 1988
  • Date of Death: 10 November 2016
  • Birthplace: USA
  • Birth Sign: Sagittarius
  • Spouse: Unmarried
  • Social: Twitter

Personal Information

James Heltibridle walking dead

James Heltibridle was born in the USA on 29th November 1988 to American parents. He is an American of white ethnicity.

He graduated from the School of Arts in North Carolina. During his education, he specialized in SketchUp Modeling, Visual Merchandising, and Art Direction. He later graduated in 2013 with a BA in Film production and production design.

Career Life

James Heltibridle career

Until his sudden demise, he was a filmmaker. He has played designer roles in various short films. These include Memoirs in 2012 and  Death and the Robot in 2013.

James also had a significant role in the Walking Dead series. This is evident from his interactions with the crew, especially in season 6. There are some pictures that he uploaded on his Twitter account.

In the picture posted, he was with other members of the crew. They included Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon, and others. This happened at the premiere of season 6 of the series, and the picture was from Madison Square Garden.

The unexpected passing of James has deeply shaken many admirers. He was tragically involved in a car accident on 10th November 2016 while celebrating his birthday and did not make it. As news of his departure spread, the media and fans expressed their heartfelt condolences. His absence is profoundly felt in the film industry.

Relationship Status

There are no records to show about his relationship life. The filmmaker never publicly declared his marital status. Moreover, he was not married. James Heltibridle seemed focused on his career and growth.

Salary and Net Worth

James Heltibridle net worth

James’s net worth has never been published before his death nor by any other party. It is, however, said that he made good money from The Walking Dead series. This TV series was a massive hit. He had an approximate net worth of 1 million USD.

According to sources, a film director’s typical salary is estimated to be 92,000 USD per year. At the time of his death, he was living lavishly with his family.

Body Measurement

Regarding the filmmaker’s bodily measurements, he stood at 5 feet 8 inches, equal to 180 centimeters. He tipped the scales at 78 kilograms. In addition to that, he had brownish-black hair color and a set of blue eyes.

There is still a lack of information concerning the measures of his physique, such as his clothing size, shoe size, and so on.

Social Media

Regarding the social media platform, James Heltibridle maintained a significant presence there. He was rather active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. However, he did not have a very prominent presence on social media.

He was only followed by a few people on his various social media sites. In addition to that, he was a private individual.

The Tragic Passing

James Heltibridle’s untimely death was a shock to all who knew him.

He was involved in a traffic accident on November 10, 2016, while returning home from filming the series “The Walking Dead.”

At the time of his death, he was just 19 days short of his 28th birthday.

Following his passing, members of “The Walking Dead” crew, fans, and others who knew him expressed their sorrow and shock on social media.

Michael Jaegers officially announced his death on the Facebook group Undead Fan, describing Heltibridle as one of the “unsung heroes” of the show and the film industry.

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Michael Rooker, Coleman Youmans, and several others who worked with him also expressed their condolences and surprise at his sudden passing.

Although James Heltibridle is no longer with us, his talent and hard work left a lasting impact.

He will always be remembered by those who read his story and knew him. His accomplishments in his short life speak volumes about his potential and dedication.


He was a fan of coffee and frequently commented online about his exploits at establishments such as Starbucks and Caribou Coffee.

The fact that he enjoyed going to art galleries, museums, and museums, in general, is evidence that he was a serious art aficionado.

James Heltibridle greatly enjoyed putting his thoughts on paper in the form of doodling.
In his spare time, he enjoyed playing video games.

We can deduce from several sources that James’s favorite superhero was Batman.
James was a huge fan of animated television series and films and even performed some animation work in college.

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