Reasons Why This Might Be the Most Exciting EPL Season Yet

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We have around a month until the end of the current Premier League season. And the ending was never more exciting. There were tight results before. However, it is almost always between two clubs.

The interesting fact is that Manchester City managed to win two lineages in the previous 5 seasons by only one point ahead of Liverpool. Last year, they also won the championship with a 5-point advantage ahead of Arsenal.

But this season is unique because there are 3 clubs at the top. City with 73 points, followed by Arsenal and Liverpool, both with 71.

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Moreover, let’s check out more about why this is the most exciting end of the season in recent years.

Aston Villa Might Save its 4th Place

Aston Villa

Unai Emery really managed to complete an attractive squad by filling some holes with new signings, but also by keeping the core of the team. The main leader is, of course, Ollie Watkins. With 19 goals and 10 assists, he is one of the best players at the moment. Also, he is one goal behind Haaland and Palmer, meaning he might reach the Top Scorer achievement by the end.

And supporting players are also showing amazing skills, especially Leon Bailey, Douglas Luiz, McGinn, and Diaby. The last one is not always in the first squad, yet he scored 5 goals along with 7 assists. McGinn is an even bigger surprise since he is a classic midfielder with 4 assists and 6 goals. Leon and Luiz both scored 9 goals and have a combined 13 assists, 8 from Bailey.

They are 3 points ahead of Tottenham, which indeed has a game less, but considering they are not so consistent this season, Aston Villa could be playing Champions League next season. They even won against Arsenal last week. We’ll see what happens next.

They have 2 difficult games by the end while being favorites in the rest. But Tottenham has an even more challenging schedule, with 3 tough games in a row against Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool. They will also face City a week before the final GW. So, chances are higher for Aston Villa to keep the 4th spot.

A Battle in the Relegation Zone

The lower part of the table is also full of excitement. The only team we can write off at the moment is Sheffield Utd. They have only 16 points, 10 less than the first team outside of the ‘last 3’. So, they would need a miracle to survive.

The other two clubs, Burnley and Luton, have some chance to stay. Burnley is showing some effort, they lost only 1 game in the previous 5. However, they also have only 1 win.

We can see a similar situation with Luton. This club has only 1 point less than Nottingham, positioned at 17.

Everton is also in a difficult situation. They don’t have room for failing more games in a row since they are only 2 points in front of the relegation zone. They are playing against Nottingham and Luton until the end. Maybe these two games decide whether they are staying in the league.

Brentford is showing signs of good form in previous game weeks, and they don’t have really difficult fixtures, so the chances are high we will watch them next year in the PL.

Is It Over for Arsenal and Liverpool?

Is It Over for Arsenal and Liverpool?

It was quite a surprise seeing both of these clubs fail in the last week. Well, for Arsenal, not so much actually considering that Aston Villa is playing the top level football this season.

However, Liverpool failed by losing to Crystal Palace, in a home game. This can easily be the main reason why they will lose the title in the end.

The fixtures by the end are showing that Liverpool and Machester City have easier games than Arsenal, but we all know that every club in the Premier League can surprise, and Crycal Palace last week is the best proof of that.

The Reds are also facing Everton in two weeks, the team that is fighting to stay in the league, and then they will face a few difficult opponents by the end, including West Ham, Tottenham, and Aston Villa.

City, on the other hand, has only Tottenham among difficult clubs. However, they have games in other tournaments. If they win in the away game against Real Madrid, they will reach the semi-finals of the CL. We also have to mention the semi-finals against Chelsea in the FA Cup.

But we all know that Guardiola can rotate the team and maintain a fresh squad even when playing multiple games in a week. Therefore, it’s all up to them. Failing against easier opponents like Wolves or Fulham seems unlikely, but everything is possible.

Arsenal Will Have to Defeat Bayern Munich

Arsenal also has a chance to reach the semi-finals of CL, but they will have to defeat Bayern Munich at home this week, which will be a difficult task, especially because Bayern officially lost chances of winning the domestic league after being at the top 11 years in a row.

Arteta’s team is also facing Chelsea, who is never an easy opponent. Chelsea might be having a bad season, but we all know they can play against the best clubs. And after that game, Arsenal is playing another derby against Tottenham, who is fighting for the 4th spot. Saka and his teammates will also face Manchester Utd a week before the last round.

Liverpool faced a surprising loss against Atalanta in the Europa League before losing to Palace. We will wait to see if the bad form will continue. Their next game in the league is against Fulham. They are a huge favorite on paper, but considering the pressure, it certainly won’t be easy.

And in the end, Arsenal and Liverpool must bring their forms and start winning. But that won’t be enough since City will also have to fail and lose at least one game more than any of these two. If we check the tradition from previous years, City will hardly let this advantage go away.

And in the midst of these crucial matches, the world’s most popular sports continue to capture global attention, with football leading the way as a beloved pastime, uniting fans across continents.

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